Friday, 19 September 2014

London Fashion Week SS15

haris bakhsh hotpinkbuttafly on day 1. Photo by Marcus Dawes published by LFW The Daily on day 5. 

Alexa Chung


Kyla La Grange

Me on day 2. Photo by Marcus Dawes. 


Selfie, day 3.


Designer and models.

Chloe Brookes in heels from French Connection.

Nicholas from

Tzuji London Save the Humans tee, Heavy London LFW Showroom. 


Trying on a gorgeous pink transparent Vinti Andrews top at Heavy London's LFW showroom.

Selfies, day 5. 

Me on day 1 published by LFW The Daily on day 5.  

Back down to Earth after 5 days in heaven. Talking about London Fashion Week SS15!! I'm delighted that official paper The LFW Daily chose a pic of me in my day 1 outfit for Tuesday 16 September's "People" section of "sartorially splendid people". Thanks a lot to photographer Marcus Dawes, selector/s and to The Higher Energy (God)(Goddess) for answering my prayers. Already in their online edition from a previous season, it's a big achievement to get into their print version. Other photographers, bloggers, creative directors... photographed me too. Beautiful, fashionable, and stylish people posed for my lens. The vibe was positive - friendly people, and good music. Enjoyed swapping smiles with beautiful strangers and lovely chats with people "new" and familiar (Marcus, and Claudia Bronowicki, model I shot before). Loved hearing great compliments on my looks, style and camera. Met lovely designers and one sweetly invited me to his showroom and got me a guest pass, it was fun, I loved a couple of pieces. Gorgeous sunny and hot weather on days 1 and 5. Got complimentary magazines and Propercorn, whose slogan is "popcorn done properly." 5 days of Zen bliss!